Choosing a great web host is a big part of having an amazing website. There is a lot of factors when choosing a web host.  These include the following:

  1. The speed of the Web Hosts servers.
  2. Security and Firewall protection of the web hosts servers.
  3. Plan Limitations.
  4. Customer Support.
  5. The reputation of the web host.

When choosing a web host the team at suggests you do not use the following hosts: GoDaddy, 1and1 and any host run by EIG(Endurance International Group). EIG Hosts include PowWeb, HostGator, Bluehost and NetFirms. For a complete list of all hosts that EIG owns, please click here.

Sone of the reasons we do not recommend the above hosts are the following:

  1. Many of them do not provide free SSL certificates.
  2. Bad server security.
  3. The limitations on the plans are too low.
  4. Most of the hosts in the above list have had a bad reputation for web hosting.
  5. Their customer support is not that good technically or they take too long to resolve issues.
  6. The speed of the web servers is not good.
  7. Many small businesses used shared hosting plans. The above list of bad hosts does not do a good job of load balancing the shared servers.

Now you ask who does the team at recommend? We have used for over 3 years and about to renew for another year our contract with Siteground (please note the link is NOT an affiliate link we just love them!).

Siteground has the best service in the industry. We use their text chat and love it! They do a great job with their security and the speed of the servers is above industry standard.

Remember when building your website, your hosting is a big part of the equation. Who do you like as a web host? Please share a comment in the box below.