After some more soul searching and planning my long term strategy once again I am changing direction a bit on my blog. I actually believe it is for the better. Let me take the time to explain.

Those of you you have followed my blogs and my social media feeds know that my work passion is WordPress Development, Technology and Social Media. I spend most of the time helping clients realize that using their businesses to engage with customers is much better for their bottom lines.

Outside of work, my number one passion is communities. I care about the communities I spend time in and the community which I live in. I believe building communities takes a lot of work and is well worth the effort. Communities are about the people involved and not about me. I will continue to help build communities as communities really matter.

As a result I am now sharing a lot of the community things I do on this blog. I used to share them on my personal blog but I feel they would be better served if I shared them here. Communities are my passion and they do matter. They will always matter.

I will continue to share the best in WordPress, Social Media and Technology now with the addition of sharing a lot of community events here as well. This will make this blog even better then it is now