Why I Would Never Buy a Lenovo

In 2014 the number one Pc manufacturer in the world was Lenovo according to Gartner. This really concerns me and should concern you the buying public.  Lenovo has had several major privacy breeches that should make them a NEVER buy again. In February 2015 Lenovo was involved in the Superfish scandal which bundled malware on [...]

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How We Survived A Computer Crash

  Last week a devastating thing happened. Kelli's laptop had video and motherboard issues. It was dead. Most people panic when thinks like this happen. It becomes devastating because a lot of computer users are reactive not proactive. We managed to have NO data loss in the crash. How did we manage this? I thought [...]

By |2018-02-28T13:05:38+00:00December 12th, 2014|Hardware|2 Comments

The Dlink Scam

A week ago a good friend was having issues with her Dlink router. It seemed the signal was not going far. Instead of calling me she did a web search and called a "Dlink Rep". It turned out the Rep was not from Dlink at all. He remoted to her pc - yikes and told [...]

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Trip Down Memory Lane – The Apple II

One of the reasons I am in the technology business is because of the Apple II. My Dad had one at home for work. He used it to create accounting spreadsheets on it with the program of it's time - Visicalc. Viscalc was the Excel of it's day and one of the reasons personal computer [...]

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