At StunningDigitalMarketing we are always refining our buisness processes to serve our customers better. Remember business is all about the customer.

A year ago we implemented a help desk ticketing system. Looking back at it, we did it prematurly and should not have implemented the product we did which was Freshdesk. Our intention was good. It was to streamline requests so that we did not miss any. At the time we were getting requests mutiple ways – Facebook Messanger, Text Message, Email, Phone and more! It actually got to a point where requessts were lost.

The intention was good but the product really was not. Freshdesk was too complicated for our customer and hard for us to use. In the end we should have never gone with Freshdesk as it did not meet our needs.

Our business has grown again and as a result we started looking for a new help desk solution. At this point we are moving to the Zoho help desk software. We are currently using it internally to track workflow and this point planning on implementing it along with a full customer service portal September 1st, 2018. Two months will give us enough time to work out the issues with the software and the workflow.

Zoho offers many other solutions which are integrated with it. One is they have a great CRM that can be used for us to manage our customer relationships. We are in the process of setting the CRM up to use internally.

Zoho also has a email marketing platform. It is very similar to the Send In Blue system we are using now. Between now and August 1st we will be moving all our newsletters to Zoho. By having our email marketing platform with Zoho it will integrate with our CRM and help serve our customers better. The reason for the long implementation is we still need to change all our forms on our website from Send In Blue to Zoho. This does take a little bit of time.

Zoho will also send out our invoices for us. The really neat thing is Zoho also integrates with our accounting package Quickbooks online.  As of next week, we will be seding our invoices directly from Zoho. This will make using the CRM much easier for us.

At StunningDigitalMarketing we believe in finding suites of products that help satisfy our business needs. We are already all in with Microsoft and Google. You can now add Zoho to that list.