Wp Tavern  has reported that the release candidate for version 5.0 will be released in November. This means a 5.0 release will more than likely happen before the end of the year.

At StunningDigitalMarketing.com we did not feel version 5.0 would come out till early 2019. This kind of changes everything.

If you are running a page builder like Fusion Builder in Avada or Elementor it probably will not change much of the look and feel of WordPress.

Now the question is will there be a 4.9.9 security release in the interim.  The last we read was that there were still discussions going on with 5.0 around the corner. We would suspect it will depend on when the actual release date for version 5.0 is and if there are any delays with it.

Stay tuned for the changes to come.