The Answer Is No Google Plus Matters

This is such a loaded question. The real answer is it depends!

It depends? Now come on Rob you know better that is a wishy-washy answer. You can do better than that.

Before you all jump all up and down let me explain. Google created Google Plus to try and get a hold of the social media space. Did it matter? It some spots it has and in others, it is like Google Plus does not even exist. Let’s take a good look at these situations and explain why.

From a Networking Perspective

If I  wanted to network and spend a lot of time on social media, I personally would not spend a lot of time on Google Plus. The reality is the network is mostly used by early adopters and geeks. I network with enough of these people on other networks. Frankly Google Plus does not do well in a B To B environment either. That being my market, why would I spend time on Google +? I would be better served using Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin for my purposes. Remember you need to go where your target market goes.

From an SEO Perspective

Google Plus does impact SEO dramatically so I would not ignore it outright. Posts and pages that are shared on Google Plus are indexed by Google faster and have a positive impact on SEO. This is something to think about long and hard before you say that you do not need to use Google Plus. This alone means Google Plus has extreme value and can not be ignored. As a person who owns multiple websites, I would use anything I could to grow organic SEO that is to my advantage. Google Plus is one of those tools.


Before you discount Google Plus, remember the SEO value that it brings to the table. Also, remember that any way to can increase your SEO ranking organically matters and you should consider. Think about it long and hard before making your decision.

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