A Nation Still Grieving

A Nation Still Grieving


As I write this I am a little numb and yet very reflective. This past week we lost two Canadian Soldiers in what I consider Terrorist type attacks on home soil.

Solider Patrice Vincent was run down not far from Montreal. This was a deliberate attack on him that cost him his life.

Nathan Cirillio was murdered in cold blood as he was part of the honor guard at one of the most important places in Canada – The Tomb of the Unnamed Solider on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The shooter then went into the Parliament Buildings firing shots. The only thing that stopped hims was a shot by Sgt of Arms Kevin Vickers.

I am not going to name both attackers again or the causes that they represent. This will give them more credibility which is not want I want to do. What I want to do is to remember these two great men who served their country and server it well.

This has been a tough week as both these soldiers were killed on Canadian soil. Neither in battle and neither in situations in harms way.

This has been a sad week. It has touched the lives of all Canadians,

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We have a very special country. I am very proud to be a Canadian. Soldiers RIP – you have made us proud.

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