One of the biggest issues with WordPress is deciding which plugins you should or should not use. Would it not be nice to have someone review all these plugins for you and tell you what they do. Even better if they rated the plugins for you?

Well, there is an amazing source.  John Overall and Marcus Couch do a weekly podcast called WordPress Plugins A To Z. The podcasts introduction says there are over 60,000 WordPress plugins. How with this many plugins do you know what works and what does not work?  The answer is you do not. So let John and Marcus do the work for you.

Every week John and Marcus review six plugins and give their thoughts on the plugins including a brief description of what they do. Each plugin is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 dragons with a 5 being the highest rating a plugin can get. This alone is valuable as it tells you what plugins work and which do not work.

The website is an amazing resource. You can search for past topics and past shows. At we use it all the time when we are searching for new plugins to use.

Check out the podcast and the website. You will be glad you added this resource to your WordPress toolbox.