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My Rethinking of 2017

//My Rethinking of 2017

My Rethinking of 2017

2016 was a year that had good and bad in it. The first half of the year had me in a relationship that I| did not want to be in. It was awful. The result of this relationship was that I felt disconnected and frankly really did not want to be at home.

I tried for my partner at the time even though the relationship was crashing by the day. Why you might ask. It is called commitment.

The relationship hit the point where my self-esteem, health and even friendships were suffering. Frankly, all I wanted to do was work and sleep. If you thought it could go any lower you are wrong. It did and things got worse.

The hardest point in the world is getting up every day knowing you are not really wanted or loved. Realizing all you are is a caregiver and a meal ticket. Knowing that whatever you do is not enough. What is worse is my partner did not appreciate the value of time or money.

In April we had a nasty breakup. I will never forget the day or how it happened. Out of respect, I will not get into significant details but it was costly from a business, financial and emotional point of view.

Out of it, I saw a psychologist. His name was Dr. Douglas Campbell out of Markham Ontario. I did many sessions with Dr. Campbell. Some were easy and some were hard. He was very non-judgemental.

In the same time, I started spending time with an amazing friend, Jill Mclean. Jill is my best friend. We started enjoying each other’s company and that also helped. What I should also tell you was we originally dated 16 years ago.

Jill’s and my relationship started to grow. We started spending lots of our spare time togeather. Our relationship developed so much that I am moving in with her next month as of Friday, Jan 13, 2017, we are engaged to be married.  Who would have thought after 16 years we would be here and on Friday the 13th after all. It is only fitting as Jill was born on Halloween.

All I can say is I have never been happier with my life. I love Jill more then anything.

The future is much better. I am spending more time with my friends. My business has picked up. My health is doing much better. I have now lost over 100 pounds. I also have Jill to spend the rest of my life with.

Moving forward things are much better in life. I had been housecleaning my life of people who I did not want in it. This feels like it is the last piece of the puzzle. The key is to surround yourself with positive, like-minded people. This is the big mistake which I made. I surrounded myself by several people I did not want to be around.

Only you can choose your destiny in life. Choose it wisely. You can not blame others for what happens to you. You can only blame yourself. Treat mistakes in life or business as a learning experience. Learn from them. Grow as a person. I know I did.

Rob Cairns\

Jan 25, 2017/ Toronto

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