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Protecting Your Website

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Protecting Your Website

This week two more big websites were hacked. One was the Adult Friend Finder group of dating websites. The second was Casino Rama. These are both big institutions with big IT budgets.

The question is where does this leave the small business or entrepreneur.  How does he or she combat this onslaught of protecting their website? Can they recover a website that has been hacked? The answer is yes if you take protective steps. Being reactive  can cost you time, money, your Business’ reputation and more.


Help Me With My Website Security

Two of the biggest things that small business owners and entrepreneurs do not do is: 1. Update their CMS Software and 2. Regular backups.

By not having control of these two items and making sure they are done on a regular basis you are putting your business at risk. Do you really like to flip a coin and take your chances on your business?

I would bet most business owners would answer no to that answer. The best bet would be proactive and at least protect your website which protects your key online digital marketing asset.

The best way to doing is the following:

  1. Do regular backups. Do not depend on your Webhost.
  2. Make sure your CMS software is updated on a regular basis.
  3. Make sure you have some Intruder detection software installs that notify you off invalid login attempts.
  4. Do not use Admin as your login account.
  5.  Use a random password for your login account and change it on a regular basis.
  6. If you do not have time to do the software updates, hire someone to be on your team to them efficiently for you. This is cheap insurance.

Being proactive and not reactive is the best way to protect your most important Digital Asset – Your Website. Do not wait any longer and protect it today,


I Want To Be Proactive And Protect My Website Now
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