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Are You Really Protected – Check Your Backups Today!

  Is your website really protected? You are a business owner. You have done all the right things. You make sure all the software fixes are applied on your website on a weekly basis. You read all the security websites. You take backups and store them in a safe secured location. Then you sit back [...]

By | March 20th, 2015|Security, Web, WordPress|0 Comments

Securing Your WordPress Site

Another week is started and I have already seen many hack attempts on my own websites, community websites which I manage and client web sites. Many of these attempts have ip addresses which trace back to China, Russia and Korea. In today's technology world, most hack attempts are done by organized crime. The hack attempts [...]

By | March 24th, 2014|WordPress|0 Comments

Protect Your Online Presence Now Part 13 – Do Not Let Your Guard Down

One of the biggest issues that I see after 25 years in technology is people get lazy and complacent especially where protecting there electronic information is concerned. They do not do the proper things to protect there data which leaves them open to fraud, data loss or even large bills. The key is to always [...]

By | January 19th, 2014|ProtectYourOnlinePresenceNow|2 Comments

Protect Your Presence Now Part 9 – #fraudchat: Recovering from Cyber Security Incidents (Oct. 31)

Last week I was the honored to be the guest expert on #Fraudchat on Twitter. It was a great opportunity to share with our community. [View the story "#fraudchat: Recovering from Cyber Security Incidents (Oct. 31)" on Storify]

By | November 6th, 2013|ProtectYourOnlinePresenceNow, Security|0 Comments