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You Can No Longer DIY Security For Your WordPress Site!

Websites are hacked every day. These days having a website means you are constantly under siege. This is a reality of doing business. The average person can no longer DIY security. I know many of you will argue and say I save money doing security. Is that [...]

By | February 16th, 2017|Security, WordPress|0 Comments

Protecting Your Website

This week two more big websites were hacked. One was the Adult Friend Finder group of dating websites. The second was Casino Rama. These are both big institutions with big IT budgets. The question is where does this leave the small business or entrepreneur.  How does [...]

By | November 14th, 2016|Security, WordPress|0 Comments

For Jeff Brown’s WordPress Advanced Class – How to Avoid Being Hacked

How to avoid being hacked. Some tips on how to avoid being hacked: 10. Choose a good Webhost. 9. Do regular backups that you control or have done for you. Make sure you can restore the backup, 8. Scan your site regularly with a tool like the free one from Sucuri. 7. Do [...]

By | November 2nd, 2016|Security, WordPress|0 Comments

For Jeff Brown’s WordPress Advanced Class

Last week I had the pleasure of joining Jeff Brown's WordPress advance class by phone. The discussion we had was on the topic of Lead Pages. I thought I would write a blog post and share some of the resources which I mentioned during the call. I also thought I would do a [...]

By | October 19th, 2016|WordPress|1 Comment